I have been programming in some way or another since 1993, starting with HyperCard on a Macintosh SE. Once bitten, the programming bug* never left and I would go on to get a BS in Computer Science from RIT. I spent several years developing apps on Mac OS X. Currently, I am a software developer working primarily on Web and VR development.

I like to write tutorials to test my knowledge of the technologies I work with. While trying to explain a concept in the best possible way, I will inevitably find gaps in my own knowledge that often lead to better implementations of existing solutions as I put them under this kind of scrutiny.

In addition, I try to share some of the solutions to general technology problems I have discovered over the years. Computers can do so many things, but it can frustrating to find out how to do the exact thing you need. Whenever I have to do that kind of research, I try to share the solution I ultimately find to hopefully save someone else the hassle.

*pun intended... (sorry)