JavaScript Space Invaders Tutorial Series

This JavaScript game tutorial teaches you how to build a usable game engine from scratch. It is simple enough to not overwhelm beginners and yet still show all the elements that make up a game engine. After finishing this series, you can easily build on this foundation to create any style of game you want.

Web Development

Most of my recent work has been focused on Web-based technologies.


I spent a lot of time programming in Mac OS X and I really like the Objective-C language, but it is clearly being phased out in favor of Swift, so I don't get to do much work in it anymore.


AppleScript is one of the unsung heroes of the Mac experience. It is a great tool for automating repetitive tasks. You can do surprisingly complex things, as seen in several of the AppleScripts I have created over the years.


Vanilla World of Warcraft

I played the original World of Warcraft at its release. There has been continued interest in this version of the game with private servers and the official release of World of Warcraft Classic, so I have been putting together some tips and tricks I learned over the years to help others get started.

Game Design

Building game engines is a very different task than actually designing games. It can be helpful to really analyze games that you play in terms of pure game design, to see what works and what doesn't when you want to create your own game. Building on what others have done and learn from their mistakes.


Thrustmaster TMX / T150 Settings

Thrustmaster T248 Settings

Thrustmaster TX / T300 Settings

Logitech G29 / G920 Settings

Virtual Reality

General Technology