Mandlebrot Set Explorer

This is a Mandlebrot Set fractal explorer written in JavaScript. The processing happens entirely in the browser, using Web Workers to maximize the power of your computer. For more information about how this is programmed, see my page on Writing High Performance JavaScript Using WebWorkers, in which I show a detailed implementation that anyone can use in their own projects to maximize their JavaScript performance.

Option Description
Mouse / Touch Control Drag to move the view of the fractal. Click or Tap to zoom in.
Max Iterations The limit of the number of iterations to allow for the escape-time algorithm. Increase the iterations for more detail, but longer processing time. Decrease the iterations to speed up processing. Try increasing and decreasing the iterations to find the right balance, as it changes depending on the region of the fractal.
+ and - Increase and decrease the Max Iterations by a factor of two.
Width The width of the fractal being displayed in the window.
Zoom In and Zoom Out Change the width displayed by a factor of two.
Center The fractal coordinate in the center of the screen.
Toggle Resolution Switches between Fit In Window and Custom, allowing you to set the pixel resolution of the fractal.
Save As Image Downloads the fractal as a PNG file. Set a Custom Resolution and you can easily save an image for use as a desktop wallpaper, for example.

Max Iterations
Center (r, i)
Fit To Window
Save As Image