Brian Koponen

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Sim Racing

I have always loved racing games, whether they be serious simulators or the most ridiculous over-the-top arcade action games. In recent years, I've particularly enjoyed playing these games in VR with a wheel and pedals. I've created many pages for different games to get both of these working properly.

Virtual Reality

Racing games are some of the best VR experiences I have ever had. Unlike many other genres, they benefit immensely from the added depth perception. It is much easier to judge distance and speed in 3D, which is critical in any racing game.

Most games don't have VR support, either because they were released before consumer VR existed or it simply isn't a priority for the developers. Thankfully, for quite a few of these non-VR titles, you can get a pretty good VR experience using VorpX, as I describe in the pages below.

Wheel Settings

I bought a Thrustmaster TMX a few years ago and was disappointed in the force feedback in all the games I tried with it. Some were practically unplayable with the default settings. I quickly learned how to properly configure the force feedback settings to get the most out of the wheel. I recently got a Logitech G29 and it has the exact same problem. I'll be going through all of these games to get the best settings for this wheel as well.

Game Thrustmaster Logitech
Assetto Corsa TMX/T150 G29/G920
Assetto Corsa Competizione TMX/T150 G29/G920
DiRT 3 TMX/T150
DiRT 4 TMX/T150
DiRT 5 TMX/T150
DiRT Rally TMX/T150 G29/G920
DiRT Rally 2.0 TMX/T150 G29/G920
F1 2012 TMX/T150
F1 2015 TMX/T150
F1 2018 TMX/T150 G29/G920
F1 2019 TMX/T150 G29/G920
F1 2020 TMX/T150 G29/G920
Forza Motorsport 7 TMX/T150 G29/G920
Forza Horizon 4 TMX/T150 G29/G920
Race Driver: GRID TMX/T150
GRID Autosport TMX/T150
GRID (2019) TMX/T150
Project CARS TMX/T150
Project CARS 2 TMX/T150
WRC 7 TMX/T150 G29/G920
WRC 8 TMX/T150
WRC 9 TMX/T150
KartKraft TMX/T150 G29/G920
NASCAR Heat 4 TMX/T150 G29/G920
RaceRoom Racing Experience TMX/T150
rFactor 2 TMX/T150
VRally 4 TMX/T150 G29/G920
Wreckfest TMX/T150 G29/G920