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Original Myst on Modern Macs

Did you know it’s still possible to run the original version of Myst on modern Mac OS X? Here’s how to do it.

What you will need:

In OS X:

  1. Make a disc image of the Myst CD in Disk Utility as a .cdr file.
  2. Download and expand from the link above.
  3. From the COIV4.0.1+ folder, expand “800Meg.blank”, then place 800Meg.dmg into /Users/Shared/. This will be the hard drive for the OS9 environment.
  4. Mount 800Meg.dmg and copy your Myst.cdr onto it.
  5. Unmount 800Meg.
  6. Run

In OS 9:

  1. Open the System Folder/Extensions and trash the QuickTime, QuickTime MPEG, QuickTime PowerPlug, QuickTime VR extension as well as the QuickTime Extensions Folder. This version of QuickTime doesn’t work with Myst, so we will use the version on the Myst CD.
  2. Open the 800Meg hard drive and mount Myst.cdr using Disc Copy.
  3. Copy the QuickTime extension from the Myst CD into the System Folder/Extensions.
  4. Restart OS9.
  5. Now mount the Myst CD just like before, run Myst and enjoy.

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