AutoShot Reference Guide - Vanilla World of Warcraft Addon

AutoShot is a fun addon that automatically takes screenshots at various times. The main feature is to take a screenshot at a user defined regular interval. It will also take screenshots when you level up, get an honorable kill and complete a battleground. You could easily create some really nice timelapse videos using this.

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World of Warcraft: Classic Compatibility

AutoShot is compatible with World of Warcraft: Classic. Not all features have been tested.


You can download it from the official Github. Click on "Clone or download," then "Download ZIP."


Extract the downloaded file and rename the AutoShot-master folder to AutoShot. Drag the AutoShot folder into the Interface/AddOns folder in your World of Warcraft game folder.

How to Use

The default settings will take a screenshot every 1800 seconds (30 minutes). You'll probably want to change this to something like every 300 seconds (5 minutes) if you want a more complete diary of your adventures. Do be aware that the screenshots do add up over time and can take up quite a bit of disk space, so you'll want to go through them fairly regularly to pull out the good shots and delete the rest.

Slash Commands

/as or /autoshot

Command Description
/as timer [seconds] Set the number of seconds between timer screenshots
/as trigger timer Enable taking screenshots using the automatic timer (Toggle)
/as trigger hk Take a screenshot after an honorable kill outside of battlegrounds (Toggle)
/as trigger bg Take a screenshot when you complete a battleground (Toggle)
/as trigger lvl Take a screenshot when you level up (Toggle)

For Example:

/as timer 300

Sets the timer to take a screenshot every 300 seconds.

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