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World of Warcraft: Classic Addon Guide

This page is still a work in progress.

The Addon system in World of Warcraft: Classic is very different than what we had in the original release. It is more restrictive in many ways. Addons can't cast spells, for instance. Unfortunately, that means many of the addons in my Vanilla Addon Guide no longer work.

While many addons, especially ones that could be used in combat, simply can't be ported to Classic, thankfully, many other very useful addons still work, or have equivalent functionality existing in new addons.


Addons are placed in your WoW install directory under Interface/Addons. If an addon doesn't show up in game, it is most likely because the folder isn't named correctly. Open the folder of the addon that doesn't appear and there will be a .toc file. The folder name has to match the name of the .toc file exactly (not including ".toc").

Making Money

You can make a lot of money in game by just being smart about what you sell. A lot of players are literally throwing away cash by not selling items on the auction house or not getting nearly as much as they could if they do. These addons will make sure you maximize your selling potential.

User Interface Addons

These addons all replace or alter elements of the user interface. Putting them all together lets you create a completely custom interface. Every element can be customized to your exact design.

Quality of Life

These are general quality of life improvements, handling some of the annoyances or just making certain common actions faster.




Using Addons can let you enjoy and play World of Warcraft: Classic to its fullest. They certainly aren't required, but you should definitely try these out if you haven't already. They can smooth out some of the rough edges of the vanilla experience and were always intended to do exactly that.

I'm still discovering new addons as I play and I will keep updating this list as I find them.

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