DebuffTimers Reference Guide - Vanilla World of Warcraft Addon

DebuffTimers is a helpful addon for Vanilla World of Warcraft that adds a visual countdown for debuffs applied to an enemy. This makes it much easier to maximize your damage with any Damage Over Time spell, for instance.

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World of Warcraft: Classic Compatibility

DebuffTimers is not compatible with World of Warcraft: Classic. Instead, use Classic Aura Durations.


You can download it from the official Github. Click on "Clone or download," then "Download ZIP."


Extract the downloaded file and rename the DebuffTimers-master folder to DebuffTimers. Drag the DebuffTimers folder into the Interface/AddOns folder in your World of Warcraft game folder.

How to Use

Here is a comparison that shows what it looks like with and without the addon:

Without DebuffTimers With DebuffTimers
DebuffTimers_Off DebuffTimers_On

This is a very simple addon, so there are only a couple of options. Open the Options window by typing "/debufftimers" into the chat window.

You can adjust the size of the text that appears over the debuff as well as disable the effect on any spell by clicking on your class icon and choosing which spells to deactivate.

DebuffTimers Rogue Options

Slash Commands

Command Description
/debufftimers Opens the Options window

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