OmniCC Reference Guide - Vanilla World of Warcraft Addon

OmniCC is an addon for Vanilla World of Warcraft that displays a numeric countdown over your action bar abilities showing their remaining cooldown. This makes it much easier to plan your attacks when you know exactly when a skill is going to be ready at a glance.

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World of Warcraft: Classic Compatibility

OmniCC is compatible with World of Warcraft: Classic, if you use the newest version.


For the original 1.12 client:

For the WoW: Classic client:


For the 1.12 client:

Extract the downloaded file and drag the !OmniCC (don't remove the exclamation point) folder into the Interface/AddOns folder in your World of Warcraft game folder.

For WoW: Classic client:

Extract the file and copy the OmniCC and OmniCC_Config folders into the Interface/Addons folder in your World of Warcraft: Classic game folder.

How to Use

OmniCC Off OmniCC Long OmniCC Medium OmniCC Short

The built-in cooldown animation is fairly hard to see and doesn't give you a very accurate idea of the remaining time, especially on longer cooldown abilities. OmniCC removes any doubt by placing a numeric countdown over the skill icon.

The look of the countdown is very configurable. You can change the font and the size. You can change the color and the size for each of the four remaining cooldown durations (more than an hour, less than an hour, less than a minute, and less than 5 seconds). If you have several abilities on cooldown, this makes it immediately obvious which ones are going to be ready soon.

For abilities that have very short cooldowns, there is a minimum cooldown setting so there is no clutter on abilities that don't need it. The flash that happens when an ability comes off cooldown can be made even more obvious if you want a really strong visual cue when abilities become available.

Slash Commands

When you change any of these settings, they won't take effect until the next refresh. You can force this by simply casting a spell.

Command Description
/omnicc Display help and current settings.
/omnicc font [value] Set the font to use.
/omnicc size [value] Set the font size to use.
/omnicc color [duration] [red] [green] [blue] Set the color to use for cooldowns of [duration].
/omnicc scale [duration] [value] Set the scale to use for cooldowns of [duration].
/omnicc min [value] Set the minimum duration (seconds) a cooldown should be to show text.
/omnicc model Toggles the visibility of the Blizzard cooldown animation.
/omnicc shine Toggles a brighter flash on finished cooldowns.
/omnicc shinescale [value] Sets how big the bright cooldown flash is.
/omnicc reset Go back to default settings.

The Color and Scale options are set for each of the four durations:

Duration Description
vlong Cooldown is greater than one hour.
long Cooldown is greater than one minute.
medium Cooldown is less than one minute.
short Cooldown is less than five seconds.

The fonts available are:


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