SmartRestore Reference Guide - Vanilla World of Warcraft Addon

SmartRestore is an addon for Vanilla World of Warcraft that will use the most appropriate potion, bandage, food or drink, depending on the situation. This way you don't waste your most expensive potions if a cheaper one will do the trick. It has a lot of options, but can greatly simplify healing in and out of combat.

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World of Warcraft: Classic Compatibility

SmartRestore is not compatible with World of Warcraft: Classic and there isn't a replacement. Addons no longer have the functionality available that made this possible in Vanilla.


You can download SmartRestore from:


Extract the downloaded file and drag the SmartRestore folder into the Interface/AddOns folder in your World of Warcraft game folder.

How to Use

Smart Restore offers a lot of commands for restoring health and mana under different circumstances.

Out of Combat Commands
Eat Uses the best food to restore your health.
Drink Uses the best drink to restore your mana.
Buff Uses the food that gives the best buff.
Smart Restore Uses the best food and drink to restore your health and mana. If there is a food that restores both, it will use that, otherwise you will activate it once to start eating and again to start drinking.
Pet Feed For Hunters, will feed your pet.
In Combat Commands
Health Uses the best health potion or healthstone.
Mana Uses the best mana potion or conjured gem.
Smart Potion Will restore both health and mana with a rejuvenation potion, otherwise it will use a health or, lastly, a mana potion.
Anytime Commands
Smart Uses Smart Restore if out of combat, Smart Potion if in combat.
Bandage Will use the best bandage on the target.
Anti-Venom Will use the best anti-venom on the target.

SmartRestore doesn't have a user interface. The functions all have to be triggered by a macro, or directly through the slash commands. You are probably only going to need one or two commands, so this isn't a big deal.

Command Macro Function Slash Command
Eat SR_Eat() /sr eat
Drink SR_Drink() /sr drink
Buff SR_Buff() /sr buff
Smart Restore SR_SmartRestore() /sr smartrestore
Pet Feed SR_SmartPedFeed() /sr feed
Health SR_Health() /sr health
Mana SR_Mana() /sr mana
Smart Potion SR_SmartPotion() /sr smartpotion
Smart SR_SmartUse() /sr smart
Bandage SR_Bandage() /sr bandage
Anti-Venom SR_AntiVenom() /sr antivenom

There are many settings that control how each of these commands behaves. These are set using the following slash commands.

Setting Description
/sr mode [0, 1, 2] Mode 0 (default) will use the best item available. Mode 1 will use the first found item. Mode 2 will use the item from the smallest stack.
/sr maxhealth [number] The percent of health that the player must be under in order to use any healing items. (Default is 90.)
/sr maxmana [number] The percent of mana that the player must be under in order to use any mana potions or drinks. (Default is 70.)
/sr bufftime [number] The time remaining (in seconds) on an existing well fed buff before it will choose a buffing food. (Default is 30.)
/sr minhealth [number] The minimum amount of health the player can have and still use a mana potion using the smartpotion command. (Default is 30.)
/sr foodmultiplier [number] The Food Multiplier takes into account the amount of health and mana you regenerate naturally while eating and drinking, effectively making the food and drink more effective than their base stats imply. (Default is 2.)
/sr text Toggles displaying messages in chat frame. (Default is on.)
/sr cooking Toggles allowing using food that could be cooked. (Default is off.)
/sr buffing Toggles using food that gives buffs. (Default is on.)
/sr forcepotion Toggles allowing potions to be used out of combat. (Default is off.)
/sr conjuredlast Toggles using conjured food as a last resort. (Default is off.)
/sr maxuse Toggles using the most efficient item (off), or always using the max level item (on). (Default is off.)
/sr antipoisonbeforebandage Toggles forcing anti-venom use before applying bandage. (Default is off.)
/sr pethappiness [1, 2, 3] For Hunters, 1 disables pet feeding, 2 feeds pet to make it content, and 3 feeds pet to make it happy. (Default is 1.)
/sr petfeedmode [0, 1] For Hunters, 0 uses the worst food, 1 uses the best food. (Default is 0.)
/sr petcooking For Hunters, toggles allowing the use of food that could be cooked to feed pet. (Defaults is off.)
/sr petbuffing For Hunters, toggles allowing use of food that gives buffs to feed pet. (Default is off.)
/sr autofeed For Hunters, toggles automatically feeding pet (if necessary) when you eat. (Default is off.)

Macro Ideas

To effectively use SmartRestore, you have to create some macros. Most simply, you can just run the Smart command:

/sr smart

This is probably all you need, but you can get a little more creative. For instance, you could create a panic button that casts Stoneform or War Stomp and uses a heal potion.

/run CastSpellByName("Stoneform")
/sr health

If you want more control, you could normally use the Smart command, but use a bandage if the shift key is down.

/run if IsShiftKeyDown() then SR_Bandage()  else SR_SmartUse() end

Hunters should look at this macro for an awesome all-in-one pet care macro that uses the pet feeding ability of SmartRestore.

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