SpamThrottle Reference Guide - Vanilla World of Warcraft Addon

SpamThrottle is an addon for Vanilla World of Warcraft that does a marvelous job of getting rid of annoying spam chat messages. This will filter out repeated LFG messages, people spamming some comment over and over and, perhaps best of all, gold seller spam is nearly eliminated.

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World of Warcraft: Classic Compatibility

SpamThrottle is compatible with World of Warcraft: Classic.


For the original 1.12 client:

You can download SpamThrottle from the official Github. Click on "Clone or download," then "Download ZIP."

For WoW: Classic client:


For the 1.12 client:

Extract the downloaded file. In the SpamThrottle-master folder there is a SpamThrottle folder. Drag the SpamThrottle folder into the Interface/AddOns folder in your World of Warcraft game folder.

For the WoW:Classic client:

Extract the downloaded file and drag the SpamThrottleClassic folder into the Interface/AddOns folder in your World of Warcraft: Classic game folder.

How to Use

SpamThrottle filters all the numbered chat channels along with yell, say and whisper if you choose. If you want certain channels to remain unfiltered, you can add them as Whitelisted channels.

Filtering Keywords lets you filter out any message that contains one of the keywords. It comes with a bunch that gets rid of the vast majority of gold sellers, but you can add your own if the need arises.

Filtered Player Names (local bans) blocks any player you add to the list. You can choose to ban them permanently or just for a duration if you choose.

Message Gapping (sec) is the amount of seconds that has to elapse before a repeated message is allowed.

SpamThrottle Options

Option Description
Enable SpamThrottle Filtering Turns on or off spam filtering
Remove duplicated message until gap timeout Filters identical messages repeated with a time frame
Color messages rather than hiding Useful for testing to see which messages it filters
Fuzzy filter messages enabled Filters messages that aren't identical, but very similar
Gold seller ad aggressive filtering enabled Filters gold spam aggressively
Chinese character & QQ filtering enabled Filters messages with any Chinese, Korean or Japanese characters
Control message block for chat channels Filters joined / left messages
Filtering of /y (yell) messages enabled Enable filtering of yell messages for spam
Filtering of /s (say) messages enabled Enable filtering of say messages for spam
Filter of /w (whisper) messages enabled Enable filtering of whisper messages for spam
Auto reply if filtered Sends a reply to whisper spam messages
Filtering combined whispers from same player Multiple whispers from the same player will be filtered together
Turn whispers completely off Disables whispers using the .wr server command
Display ONLY keyword matches whitelist All messages are blocked except for ones that match a keyword
Display Minimap button Show the button on the minimap

Slash Commands

/st or /spamthrottle

Command Description
/st Open configuration window
/st reset Reset to the default settings

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