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Best Assetto Corsa Wheel Settings for Thrustmaster TMX / T150

Assetto Corsa is a great game to play with a force feedback wheel. When you are trying to drive at the limit of grip, every little bit of information transmitted through the wheel is important. But for the Thrustmaster TMX and T150, the experience can be improved quite a bit by calibrating the wheel's force feedback response.

In order to do this calibration, you will need to download two programs. First, download the WheelCheck app. This actually tests your wheel response.

Next, download LUT Generator for AC. You will need to sign up for a free account on Race Department to download this. This converts the data from WheelCheck into a file that Assetto Corsa can use.


Wheel Check

Wheel Check is actually a tool from iRacing to calibrate your individual wheel. It's a very simple process:

  1. Run WheelCheck.
  2. Set the MaxCount to 100.
  3. In Spring Force, Select Step Log 2 (linear force test). This starts the calibration process.

Wheel Check

Your wheel will start moving in increasingly larger motions. Don't touch the wheel during this process! This compares the amount of force the computer sends to the wheel to how much the wheel actually moves.

Once it finishes, it creates a file called something like "log2 2019-04-25 10-00-02.csv" in your Documents folder. We will give this file to LUTGenerator in the next step.

LUT Generator


Run LUTGenerator and open the csv file that was just created by WheelCheck. This will create a Look Up Table (lut) file that Assetto Corsa can use to control the force feedback.

Save this file in Documents\Assetto Corsa\cfg as myLUT.lut. When it finishes, it displays a graph that shows the raw data in red and the new curve in green. You can clearly see what a huge difference this will make. In my case, it is going to increase the forces at the low end and lower them in the middle to create an even force feedback response across the whole spectrum.

Assetto Corsa

Now to tell Assetto Corsa to use this file, open the Documents\Assetto Corsa\cfg\ff_post_process.ini file in Notepad.

Set the values to:

If you are using Content Manager instead of the default Assetto Corsa launcher, you will run into a problem where the ff_post_process.ini file is overwritten with the default settings. Once you edit the file, launch the default Assetto Corsa launcher. This will 'lock in' your changes. The next time you run Content Manager, it will know to keep these settings.

Wheel Settings

Now that the force feedback response has been calibrated, let's look at the available force feedback settings.

In the Thrustmaster Control Panel:

Set the rotation to its maximum.

Under Gain Settings:

Setting Value
Overall Strength of all forces 100%
Constant 100%
Periodic 100%
Spring 0%
Damper 0%
Auto-Center by the game

In Assetto Corsa:

Force Feedback Settings

Gain 100%
Filter 0%
Minimum Force 0%
Kerb Effect 0-10%
Road Effect 0-10%
Slip Effect 0-10%
ABS Effect 0-10%
Enhanced Understeer Effect Disabled
Half FFB Update Rate Disabled

Steering Settings

Gamma 1.00
Filter 0.00
Speed Sensitivity 0.00

The Kerb, Road, Slip, ABS and Understeer effects are personal preference. They are designed to give you feedback about the car, but they are not things you would actually feel through a steering wheel. Try turning them all off and then just add a little to each one to find what you like. I personally like the Kerb and ABS effects because it gives me a little extra feedback.

FFB Clip

Download and install the in-game app FFBClip using the instructions on that page.

To get the most information from the wheel as possible, you want to make sure the game never sends more power than the wheel is capable of handling. This is called clipping.

This app automatically sets the force feedback gain level to maximize the force you get without clipping. During your first lap you may notice the force feedback change as it sees the power clipping, but then it will even out as it dials in on the best setting.


The first time I set this up, I couldn't believe how much better the wheel felt. You'll get a better feel for what the car is doing and, as such, may find it easier to catch slides and improve your lap times.

You may also be interested in the Best Wheel Settings for Dirt Rally or for Dirt Rally 2.0. Those games don't support using a lookup table, but you can drastically improve them by setting the force feedback settings correctly.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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