Best Farming Simulator 22 Settings for Logitech G29 / G920

Farming Simulator 22 isn't a driving game by any measure. There is a lot more to it than just driving farm equipment around. I was surprised that it even had force feedback support. Of course, it is very basic; just a centering spring and vibration effects.

The default settings for the Logitech G29 or G920 are pretty bad, and really don't give the game a good first impression with a wheel. There's a huge steering deadzone that makes it seem that the game doesn't really support wheel input properly. This is just a case of bad default settings and is incredibly easy to fix.

In this guide, I will show the settings you need to set in G HUB, if playing on a PC, and in-game to improve the force feedback.

G HUB Settings

Each piece of equipment has a different steering angle, but the game has no Soft Lock, so you would have to manually set this in G HUB if you want true authenticity. It would be far too annoying to do that, so I just use 900° for everything, which feels perfectly fine.

Create a new profile for Farming Simulator 22 with the following settings:

Setting Value
Operating Range 900°
Sensitivity 50
Centering Spring Off

Farming Simulator 22 Settings

These settings can only be changed from the Main Menu and are unavailable once you load a saved game.

In Options > General Settings > Input Controls:

Setting Value
Gamepads / Steering Wheels On
Force Feedback 70%

Force Feedback is mostly just a centering spring. This tends to be extremely light when driving around a field, but gets quite strong on gravel or pavement. There isn't a perfect setting all the time because of that. 70 or 80% seems about right.

In Options > Devices (3 Sliders Icon):

I missed this section at first since the user interface isn't labeled. It's not immediately obvious that there are going to be more settings. Press Switch Device (X on the keyboard) until the wheel options appear.

Setting Value
Axis R1 (RX)  
Deadzone 0%
Sensitivity 100%
Axis 11 (ACC)  
Deadzone 0%
Sensitivity 100%
Axis 12 (BRK)  
Deadzone 0%
Sensitivity 100%

Steering Deadzone needs to be set to 0%. There is no reason to have a steering deadzone with these wheels. That would only be useful for very cheap wheels that can't report a proper input when the wheel is centered.

Acceleration and Brake Deadzone should also be lowered. These don't matter that much, since you don't need any sort of fine pedal inputs in this game. In fact, leaving a small deadzone can be useful if you want to rest your feet on the pedals and not have them act as if they are being pressed.


I was quite skeptical about this game, but it's been surprisingly fun and relaxing. I can see how people really get into it.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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