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Best Automobilista 2 Wheel Settings for Logitech G29 / G920

Automobilista 2 is best played with a wheel. While it's been in development, the force feedback system has continually improved until now it has one of the best out there. For the Logitech G29 or G920, the default force feedback works fine, but it is quite noisy on these wheels. The road features feel too strong, making the wheel jerk around too much, and it tends to be too heavy in corners.

These problems are easily corrected by using a custom force feedback file. There are many of these files designed for all different types of wheels. I found one designed for these wheels specifically that works beautifully. With this custom file and the appropriate settings, Automobilista 2 is one of the best feeling simulators I've played.

In this guide, we will install this custom force feedback file and look at the best settings to use in G HUB and in-game.

Custom Force Feedback

  1. Download this custom force feedback file: ffb_custom_settings.txt
  2. Copy it to Documents\Automobilista 2, replacing the original file.

This is taken directly from the PeterS custom file in from this post on the official forums. At the time of this writing, a typo in a calculation was found in the file that I have corrected in the version I provide. That thread on the forum is frequently updated, so you will likely find a newer, corrected version in the future.

G HUB Settings

Automobilista 2 has a proper Soft Lock feature, so every car will have the correct steering angle applied automatically, as long as G HUB is set to 900°.

Create a new profile for Automobilista 2 with the following settings:

Setting Value
Operating Range 900°
Sensitivity 50
Centering Spring Off

Automobilista 2 Settings

In Options > Controls > Configuration:

Setting Value
Steering Deadzone 0
Steering Sensitivity 50
Throttle Deadzone 0
Throttle Sensitivity 30
Brake Deadzone 0
Brake Sensitivity 50
Clutch Deadzone 7
Clutch Sensitivity 50

I recommend removing the Throttle and Brake Deadzones as well as lowering the Throttle Sensitivity quite a bit, though this is a personal preference. Many of these cars are very sensitive to throttle inputs and it's much easier to control them with a less sensitive throttle.

In Options > Controls > Force Feedback:

The Open Wheel cars have noticeably stronger force feedback and need to have the FX, in particular, lowered. These values are taken directly from the custom file's recommended settings. I've found they work very well. Remember that you can change the force feedback strength per-car in the car setup menu. Some are definitely stronger than others.

Setting Closed Wheel Open Wheel
Type Custom Custom
Gain 69 69
Low Force Boost 66 60
FX 45 34
Damping 50 50

Gain is the maximum power you feel in heavy cornering, for instance. Setting this too high will overwhelm the wheel and make it quite heavy.

Low Force Boost is the force in the center of the wheel. This helps you feel many of the lighter forces.

FX is the feeling of bumps and kerbs. You may want to adjust this based on the car and track. It can get annoying if the track is particularly bumpy.

Damping, despite the name, is actually Power Steering in this custom file. Lowering it will give you less Power Steering and vice versa. You will have to adjust this on a per-car basis, as each one has its own unique feel.


Automobilista 2 has come a long way over the course of its development. The force feedback has improved a lot and they keep improving other aspects of the game as time goes on. There are a lot of cars and tracks that I haven't raced with in other games, so it's been a lot of fun trying them all out.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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