Best Need For Speed Unbound Settings for Logitech G29 / G920

Need For Speed Unbound is clearly meant to be played with a gamepad. On release, there are no force feedback settings in the game. It doesn't even make any mention that there is wheel support in the menus. Despite all that, it actually works with the Logitech G29 and G920.

These open world games are fun just to drive around and explore, which is still enjoyable even without the best force feedback. That said, I do hope that they improve the wheel support.

The wheel can navigate all the menus and even has force feedback. The force feedback is very basic and quite light. With these wheels, it's better to be too light and quiet than too strong and loud, especially since we have no way to change it. You're mostly feeling the vibration effects that you would feel on the controller. One major issue is that you have to lower the steering angle. On the PC, you can easily do this in G HUB. Unfortunately on the console, I don't know if it's possible.

In this guide, I will show the settings I use in-game and in G HUB to get the wheel working as best it can.

G HUB Settings

Since there are no wheel options in the game, we have to change the steering angle in G HUB. Most arcade games play better with smaller steering angles. I found that 360° feels about right.

Create a new profile for Need For Speed Unbound with the following settings:

Setting Value
Operating Range 360°
Sensitivity 50
Centering Spring Off

Need For Speed Unbound Settings

In Settings and Accessibility > Controls:

Setting Value
Controller Vibration On
Deadzone 0%

Controller Vibration enables the vibration effects on the wheel as well.

Deadzone has no effect on my system, but I have seen other people say they needed to set it 0%.

In Settings and Accessibility > Driving:

Setting Value
Gearbox Type Manual
Auto Reverse Off

Gearbox Type should be Manual for maximum control.

Auto Reverse should be Off so that holding the brake doesn't make you reverse.

In Handling Tuning:

Setting Value
Traction Control Off

Traction Control should be turned off just to make the car a little more dynamic.


Need For Speed Unbound definitely needs some work. Adding actual wheel settings into the game would be a good first step. Though I wonder if the physics would even support it at this point.

Let me know if you have any comments or questions.

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