Best Wreckfest Settings for Logitech G29 / G920

Wreckfest is an arcade racing game first and foremost, designed primarily to be played with a controller. You're constantly being hit by other cars and have to be able to react quickly to catch these spins and slides. This is easy with a controller, but if you want to play with a wheel and it can't keep up, the game becomes too hard to control to be much fun.

I was actually surprised how well Wreckfest plays with the Logitech G29 and G920. When set up properly, these wheels are quite responsive, which really helps in dealing with the chaos that can occur in these races.

Like most games, the default settings don't work very well, but are easily fixed. By default, the steering angle is too large and the force feedback is way too strong. There isn't a lot of detail in the force feedback, but it gets the job done. This isn't the kind of game that really needs much more than is provided, however, so it's still a lot of fun.

In this guide, we will first look at the settings you need to set in G HUB, if playing on a PC. Then we will look at the in-game settings to improve the force feedback.

G HUB Settings

Wreckfest doesn't provide a good way to change the steering angle in-game, so we will have to change it in G HUB instead. 540° works very well and matches the on-screen wheel closely.

Create a new profile for Wreckfest with the following settings:

Setting Value
Operating Range 540°
Sensitivity 50
Centering Spring Off

Wreckfest Settings

The force feedback in Wreckfest is very limited. As such, there is only a strength setting that can be used to control the feeling in the wheel.

In Settings > Advanced:

Setting Value
Force Feedback 50%
Steering Dead Zone 0%
Steering Saturation 100%
Steering Sensitivity 0%
Steering Speed Sensitivity 0%
Accelerator Saturation 100%
Accelerator Dead Zone 0%
Brake Saturation 100%
Brake Dead Zone 0%

Force Feedback is the strength of all forces. Setting this too high makes the wheel very heavy and hard to turn. Some tracks and events will feel better with an even lower force feedback.

It's also important to set the Accelerator and Brake Saturation to 100% to use the full range of your pedals.


The force feedback is not the greatest in Wreckfest, so playing with a wheel can be a challenge. Certain events are better than others; the traditional races work well, but the demolition derbies are much more difficult. The game is still a lot fun in any case.

Let me know if you have any comments or questions.

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