Best WRC 8 Settings for Logitech G29 / G920

WRC 8 is a surprisingly great rally game. The physics are believable and the courses are very detailed. Games like this work best when played with a force feedback wheel. Unfortunately for the Logitech G29 and G920, the default force feedback settings don't give the best first impression. The wheel feels too heavy, with very little road detail being felt. You end up fighting against the wheel instead of working with it to control the car.

Thankfully, this is easily rectified by applying the right force feedback settings. I dialed in the settings so the steering isn't too heavy and the wheel is free to snap around as necessary, making it very well suited to many of the intricate tracks with lots of tight hairpin turns.

G HUB Settings

Create a new profile for WRC 8 with the following settings:

Setting Value
Operating Range 540°
Sensitivity 50
Centering Spring Off

WRC 8 Settings

In Options > Controls > Key Bindings > Steering:

Setting Value
Sensitivity 0
Deadzone 0
Saturation 100
Rescale Off
Invert Off

In Options > Controls > Settings:

Setting Value
Max wheel angle 540
Overall force 100
Self aligning torque 100
Tyre load 50
Self centre 0
Recentre force 100
Overall Vibration 100
Tyre slip 10
Suspension 125
Ground surface 150
Engine 30
Collision 100

I like how the WRC games separate the force feedback from vibrations and have separate overall levels for each type. It makes it easy to keep the same proportions of forces, while raising or lowering the overall strength of each type.

Self Aligning Torque is the main force that tells you what the car is doing. Effectively, this is trying to keep the wheels straight, and is what causes the wheel to snap around as the tires straighten out of a corner.

Tyre Load is a damper effect based on the load on the tires. Setting this too high will make the wheel unnecessarily heavy.

Self Centre is the spring force, which artificially pulls the wheel back to the center. If you use this at all, keep it very low. If you turn this up too high, it will make the wheel feel very heavy, constantly resisting any turn you put in the wheel.

Recentre Force is only used when you reset the car after going off the track. It just puts the wheel back to the center. It has no impact while you are driving.

The vibration forces tell more about the surface of the track, though they are largely canned effects.

Tyre Slip vibrates the wheel whenever the car loses traction. If this is too high, it can be very jarring every time you slide the car around a corner. I don't care for this, so I nearly turn it off.

Engine setting vibrates the wheel whenever the engine hits the red line. I don't particularly like this, so I have turned it down to the point where you practically can't feel it at all. You could turn this higher if you like the effect.

Suspension, Ground Surface and Collision all work together to give the rumble effects as you drive over bumps, go off the track or hit things on the side of the road.


Especially in a rally game, simply being able to control the car is half the fun. Your wheel needs to give you the right information to be able to do this. Once you get the force feedback working correctly, you can really start enjoying the game without being distracted by the feeling of the wheel.

Let me know if you have any comments or questions.

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